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Mr. Matthew A. Bryant
South Warren High School
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Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Wilson Hall at Fermilab--the US's most powerful particle accelerator--Batavia, IL

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Physics Interrogative
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SWHS Science Department Letter to parents/guardians (.pdf)

A note for new physics students and their parents:
     Physics can be a very challenging subject and students often find themselves working on complex questions.  On a block schedule, time is compressed and missing a single day can sometimes significantly affect learning. Mr. Bryant suggests you work ahead as much as you are able, stay current on assignments, and ask for help sooner rather than later.  Many students come in before school or stay after school to work with other students and Mr. Bryant on homework--take advantage of this additional time to check answers and ask questions.  ESS on Thursdays is another resource you should not forget--sometimes Mr. Bryant stays for ESS to help students, but at other times peer physics tutors are available.  If you have questions, don't hestitate to email Mr. Bryant at the email address on the left (Don't forget the "2")! 
    I recently switched teaching styles in my physics classes and began using the "Flipped Classroom" model.  Students last year really liked this and I plan on using it for the foreseeable future.  If you would like to know more about my choice to "flip" my classroom, watch this short video on "Why I Flipped My Classroom."  
     More information about the particular Flipped Classroom model I'm using is available from  Dr. Lodge McCammon's site